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A simple guide on how to create goals

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Goals page allows you to create goals based on your in app events. Once your integration with your Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) is successfully complete, you will be able to create your goal/s. In order for you to see your attribution data, this is a necessary step. After creating the goal, you will be able to choose in on Ads Manager page and track in app event related performance.

You can create your goals by clicking on the Create Goal button at the top right-hand side of the Goals page.

After choosing the app that you want to create goal to, you need to specify which in app

events that you want to include to the goal. You can choose multiple in app events.

You have the option of both displaying the value sent by your MMP or putting your own fixed value. These two options allow you to see the event value that your MMP tracks, or to come up with a custom value if MMP value doesn’t reflect the actual value or your MMP isn’t able to track event value.

After choosing the value policy, you can also put a category for your goal, so you can use the goal on the Funnels page. You can create up to 6 goals with a category, so you can have 6 different steps for the in-app events on the funnel. However, you can also create goals without choosing any goal category. When you don’t choose a goal category, you can create as many goals as you want.

And finally, after putting a name for the goal, you will be all set! You can go to Ads Manager and choose your goal to see relevant data.

There you have your attribution data!

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