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FAQ on Partner Integrations
FAQ on Partner Integrations
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1- What is Mobile Measurement Provider (MMP)?

MMP’s count the app downloads and track post-install events coming to the apps. In order to monitor your campaigns’ performance, you need a solution to keep track of your post-install events. For this, you can either develop a solution in-house or you can use MMPs.

2- How can I integrate my MMP to my account?

Integration with each MMP is different. Please check our posts on each MMP integration.

3- I have completed my integration, when can I see my in-app events?

You will be able to track your in-app events once your first event comes in after your integration is successfully completed. This might take up to 48 hours. If we don’t get your events within the first 48 hours we are going to notify you.

4- Where can I check the status of my integration?

In every step of your event integration status, our system will automatically send you emails. You can also check the status of your events on the Attribution page.

For more details on the integration status of events please see our post on Integration Status Terms

5- How can I find my events that MMP sends?

You can find the details of your events on the Attribution page under the name of your app.

6- My events successfully came in, however, I cannot see my metrics on the Ads Manager page. How can I see them?

Once your first event/s comes in, you need to set goal/s in order to display them on the Ads Manager page. For more detailed information, please check our post on How can I create Goals?

7- I have only received my install events and not in-app events, what should I do?

Most probably your app’s integration with the MMP has some problems. Please contact us.

8- I have done my integration, 48 hours passed but I still do not see my events on But I see events on my MMP, what should I do?

There can be three different reasons for this issue, please check our post on Integration Status Terms and contact us.

9- I have an internal solution for in-app event tracking, do you offer a custom integration?

10- I have successfully completed my integration, but I can’t see my MMP data prior to integration date?

MMP’s only provide the data that comes after our integration is complete. Your previous data will not be displayed unless your historical/previous data is imported to

In order to do this, you need to export your historical data. For more information please check our post on Why I cannot see my previous Attribution Data?

11- I do not see installs and events from ASA in AppsFlyer.

You probably did not set your tracking correctly, if you do not see any installs and/or events of your Apple Search Ads in your AppsFlyer account.

Please note that without the information coming in from the MMP’s, will not be able to receive or display any data. If you do not have any information on your MMP, cannot receive it.

Be sure to set up your AppsFlyer account correctly to receive installs and events before you start your integration with

For more information, please be sure to check AppsFlyer’s Apple Search Ads Configuration Setup

12- Why is there a difference between my MMP and data ?

One of the main reasons why a difference can happen between and MMP’s is the usage of different methods to attribute in-app events.

When you check your MMP dashboard for a selected time period, you see the values based on the time of the event itself. For you will be seeing values based on the time of the installs.

For that reason, when you check the same selected time period on both MMP and dashboard you might see a difference in data.

The difference happens because when the MMP’s sends the events, we check the install time of the event and attribute that event to install time simply because uses funnel view.

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