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A simple guide and insight on filters

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You can apply filters for the app, campaign, ad group, keyword, search term, and negative keywords levels so narrow down the items that you display.

You will be presented with different lists of attributes after selecting Filters. Depending on what items you choose, you will see possible values to filter by.


The Saved Filters tab allows you to access previously saved filters quickly and reduce time. If you wish to save a filter, you can do so by clicking the "Save Filter" button which is marked in red above.


The Settings option allows you to filter out non-performance information about your apps, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, search terms, and negative keywords.

Ad Performance

You'll find performance-based metrics under Add Performance. This is an easy way to filter your campaigns based on performance. If, for example, you want to view only your campaigns with spends of more than zero, then you simply need to click on the spend option in the campaign layer and enter more than 0.

In-App Conversion

With our dashboard, you can find data from Apple Search Ads as well as MMP. When you click on the app conversion attribute, you will be presented with MMP related information, such as goals, attributed installs, etc.

Cohort Analysis

The Cohort Analysis can be used to analyze the behavior and performance of groups of users with shared attributes. Within this attribute, there are ROAS and revenue-related data.

Custom Columns

If you wish to create a custom column, click on the Edit Column option in the red-marked area at the right edge of the screen. These custom columns allow you to create metrics according to your own KPIs and filter them by clicking the custom column option in the filters.

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