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Automations Page - Search Result Automations

How to Use Automation rules

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How to reach the automation creation process?

You can access automations by clicking on the “Automations” section in the left menu. After you click on the Automations, you will be seeing the page that is seen below.

On the Rules part, you will be seeing the names, states and the features of the already existing automation rules with the dates they are created.

To create new automation rules for Search Result Campaigns, you need to follow below steps:

Click on the “Create Automation” button colored as BLUE

Select “From Scratch Search Result” tab and click on the “Next” button.

Here, you’ll be seeing the automation page, and will be creating your automations with this page.

How to create automations from scratch?

With’s automation capacity, you can create almost every automation that comes to your mind with several KPIs that you might be tracking. Here is the steps of the automation process:

Firstly, you need to select the level of automation, where you want the changes to be applied. If you want automation rules to make changes on the keywords, you can select keywords or if you want automations to change something in the campaign settings, you can select campaign level.

After selecting the level where the automations will take actions, you can select a “restriction level” which means specific campaigns, ad groups, keywords or specific applications where you want to make optimizations.

After selecting the restriction level, you will be seeing the whole overview of the automation rule. Next step here will be to create automation part by part.

First part of creating an automation is to modify the ACTIONS part. Actions part is the part where we are selecting the action automation will be taking.

On the action part, there are several actions that we can take. You can get a slack notification, you can pause a keyword, you can change the bid, you can add the keyword as negative or you can get an email notification.

In the conditions part, you need to set the conditions when met, the automation rules will be applied.

Here, you can play with any values or metrics that you want to control.

After setting your automation rule, you need to determine action frequency where the automation takes action accordingly and also you need to give a name.

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to reach out to us if you run into any issues during your integration process.

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