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You can access settings either by clicking on the left-hand side settings icon under your profile picture or by clicking your profile picture on the upper-right side and selecting Settings from the dropdown menu.

Here on the Settings page, you can access different layers such as Account Settings, Mail Settings, Team Member, Payment, Exports, and Mail Logs.

On the Account Settings layer, you can select the language of’s dashboard as English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese. It is highly recommended from our side hitting the box for subscribing to the newsletter to be aware of the latest updates, webinars, and news from

On the Mail Settings layer, you can add your email address to get notified about the updates and changes in your account.

In the Team Members section, you can add the e-mails of your team members and invite them to the dashboard. By clicking the Invite User box below, you can add your team members up to your quota and manage the settings from the Action part. If your quota is limited or filled however you want to add more team members please contact your account manager.

On the Payment layer, you can add your credit card details to complete your payment process easily. If you add your credit card, you can see your transaction history and card details under the Transaction History section.

Moreover, when you scroll down to the page you see Spend History where you can find a breakdown of your spending yearly, monthly, and daily on the campaign level.

On the Export layer, there is a detailed export log where you can see the level of export, request date, status, and download link. When the status is Ready, you can simply click on Download under Download Link and access your report.

In the last layer, Mail Logs, you can find the log of the e-mails that are sent to you by for performance reports, budget optimization schema, and export reports with the breakdown of campaigns, ad groups, and keywords levels. By clicking the magnifying glass icon, you can see the preview of details and download the reports.

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