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An Overview on Duplication Wizard

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It is quite easy and handy to duplicate and arrange the campaigns with the Duplication Wizard of You don’t need to create campaigns from scratch. By selecting the duplicate feature, you can easily duplicate your existing campaigns and arrange the determinants according to your new campaign.

Clicking on Duplicate right under the campaigns as can be seen above, you will be directed to Campaign Duplicate Wizard. Here at Campaign Duplicate Wizard, you can update the campaign name, type, storefront, budget, and daily budget, and other features of the campaigns as you wish. If you want to change the selected campaign to duplicate, you can simply click on the Change Selected Campaign button on the bottom right-hand side corner of the window.

Moreover, you can also select duplicate ad groups under the selected campaign from the Ad Groups of Campaign layer. If you would like to duplicate the ad groups as well, you can select the toggle under Duplicate as below. Otherwise, you can just turn the toggle off if you just would like to duplicate the campaign but not the ad groups.

By clicking on the Duplicate on the bottom left-hand corner of the page, you can easily duplicate your campaigns.

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