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Quick Insights on Chart

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Chart Overview

Quick Insights on Chart

The chart enables you to see the 2D metrics of Apple Search Ads activities. Clicking on the plus sign on the left under the Chart, you can select metrics that you would like to compare (Average CPA, Average CPT, Average CPM, Conversion Rate, Installs, Impressions, etc.) from the dropdown menu. Also, you can select the specific time frame to compare from the right-hand side.

You can select granularity by daily, weekly, or monthly as well as visualization of chart types such as line chart, area chart, or column chart. The selected granularity will be available in accordance with the selected time frame. For example, if you have chosen 7 days of data but selected monthly granularity, the data shown will be only for 7 days rather than monthly.

It is possible to compare separate campaigns in the same chart by scrolling through campaigns and selecting preferred ones. After selecting the campaigns that you would like to compare by ticking the small squares right of the campaign names just click on actions and select compare selected items.

If you have determined goals for your account, you are also able to display them on the chart view by just selecting goals from the left of the filter.

To display the goal on the chart, just select the desired one and click on apply. You can only display one goal at a time on the chart view.

After selecting the desired goal and applying you will be seeing the performance of the install goal on the chart.

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