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A brief guide on how to utilize Keyword Planner tools

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If you are looking for new keywords for your campaign, the Keyword Planner is ready to help out.

Keyword Auction Insights

It allows you to find out the keywords that your Apple Search Ads competitors are bidding on and make predictions about their campaign strategies. After finding the keywords, you can easily select them and add them to your campaigns.

Search by App:

You can start by selecting a country and a specific time period you want to focus on.

On the page, you will be seeing Total Paid Keywords of your app, Active Countries which shows the storefronts that your campaigns are running in, and the Visibility Score.

Below you can see some filters that help you to find which keywords you are looking for in terms of impression share or popularity. When you select the filters, you will be able to sort them in order by organic rank too.

Under the Others column, you can see how much do your competitors bid on the related keywords.

Search by Keyword:

This tab enables you to search for a specific keyword and see which apps are bidding on that keyword.

You can see those apps’ Impression Share that they receive with that keyword, Organic Rank, SearchAds Visibility Score of the keyword on the Apple App Store, Total Paid Keywords, and their Category Name.

The data that you get on this page makes you see a larger picture and take action accordingly.

Top Advertisers:

If you are curious about top advertiser apps and their data including their SearchAds Visibility Score, Total Paid Keywords, Category Ranking, and Overall Ranking you can visit this tab.

You can see the names of the apps when you mouse over on the bar chart.

Organic Keyword Hunt

With this tool, you can make a search by app name and see the selected app’s organic keywords.

By clicking the tabs, you can sort the keywords in terms of chance, popularity, and also you can view the number of total apps that get ranking for the current keyword as well as the organic ranking which is under Ranking(Today).

Also from the Range Filters menu, you can make more detailed research. After you are done with it, all you need to do is to export the data of the selected keywords by clicking the download button.

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