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Automations Page - Search Tab Automations

A brief Introduction on Search Tab Automations

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Search Tab campaigns are a new asset for ASA practitioners to acquire iOS users. In trying to find out the optimal levels for CPM or daily caps, automations can be a powerful tool.

  • To start a Search Tab automation rule, we go to the Automations page, and choose “ + Create Automation Rule”

  • Then Choose “From Scratch Search Tab”

Note: Pay attention to the top of the rule setting page, that it is “Search Tab Campaigns” if reviewing existing rules.

  • Choose the level you want to apply the automation to:

Then depending on the level we want to apply actions to, we can choose actions. This can be either Search Tab campaign level or ad group.

On the campaign level, we can change daily cap, total budget, pausing, and send notifications as well. All based on conditions that can be changed from the conditions section.

On the ad group level, we can specifically make CPM changes to explore if it hits certain KPIs.

  • One last note: Search Tab campaign performs differently for different categories, so we advise using automation for CPM changes along with notifications and the right set of conditions to move towards the desired KPIs.

I hope this has been helpful!

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