Keyword Auction Insights

Keyword Auction Insights is the page that will allow you to spy on your Apple Search Ads competitors’ keywords and predict their strategies.

Besides, from that list, you can easily add keywords in your campaigns like an e-commerce basket method.

Search by App:

Start by selecting the country. Then, you can search for a specific app and filter the impression share and popularity. You can also sort by the organic rank and popularity easily.

You can see the Total Paid Keywords and Active Countries that this specific app is running and that app's Visibility Score.

You can see the various data of the listed keywords such as the Impression Share, Organic Rank and Popularity of that keyword for this specific app and for its competitors.

Search by Keyword:

You can see the apps that are bidding for the specific keyword you choose under the Search by Keyword tab.

In this section you will see the following datas the apps that are running for a keyword;

  • The Impression Share that this app receives with that keyword

  • The Organic Rank

  • SearchAds Visibility Score of the keyword on Apple App Store’s Search Ads position

  • The Total Paid Keywords that app is running

  • The Category Name of that app.

Seeing all the data on one single page will save time and ease your analysis.

Top Advertisers:

Under the Top Advertisers section, you can see the top advertiser apps and their data including their overall and category ranking, the number of the keywords that app is running and more.

Organic Keyword Hunt

Here in this section, you can search for any app and see their organic keywords.

See the keywords on the list. Click on the question mark and see the details of chance, popularity or the search volume.

You can also monitor the number of the total apps that are ranking for that keyword, as well as the organic ranking of that selected keyword today and the previous day.

You can quickly filter the top-ranking keywords as 1, 2-5, 6-10, 11-50, 51-100, 101-250.

You can range the filters in detail too. You can export the data of the selected keywords as CSV format if you like and integrate in your reports easily by clicking the download button on the right.

And there you have it!

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