You can go to your Settings by clicking the settings icon under your profile picture or by clicking on settings in the dropdown menu on the top right of the page you are in.

Here, you can see the Account Settings, Team members, Payments, and Exports layers.

On the Account Settings layer, you can choose the language of your menu (English, Japan, Korean).

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On the Team Members layer, you can invite your team members by entering their emails.

If your quota is limited or filled, please contact your account manager.

You can see the list of your team members, their email, role, and invitation acceptance status information. Under the Actions column, you have options: You can make a team member admin, re-invite a pending invitation, and delete a team member/invitation. On the top right you can see the total number of your team members, both accepted and pending, and the remaining quota of the team members you can invite.

Under the Payments layer, you can choose the payment method and monitor your payment history.

In the Exports layer, you can find the exports you have had up to now, and see the level (keyword, campaign, etc.), request date, and the status (pending/ready) information. Once your file is ready you can download it under the Download Link column.

And there you have it!

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