Labeling is a feature that enables you to create labels for your selected keywords/campaigns/ad groups. In other words, you can select the keywords/campaigns/ad groups you want to put a label on, name the label, and group them. You can access your labels by using the filter.

Here's a few examples when you can use this feature:

  • You found 35-40 keywords to add to one of your campaigns. Your campaign already has 300+ keywords. You come 2 weeks later to analyze the progress. How would you recall these keywords you newly added?

> You can label them and give a name such as "new_kword" and change the color of the label. When you come back, you can filter and find them at any time.

  • Say you have 500 words in one of your campaigns. You want to change the bids of 40 keywords there. You changed and want to see how it is going after a few weeks. How would you remember these keywords you added?

> If you label them with a specific name and color, such as "bids_changed", you can filter and see them very quickly and easily.

Guide to adding keyword labels

Please see the example given about keyword labeling.

  • Select the keywords/ you want to add labels.

  • See Actions on the top left of the list. Find Add Labels there and click.

  • You will see your previously created labels (if you had created), you can display them by clicking on Apply or click on New Label to create a new one.

  • Change the color as you like, give a name and add a description (optional).

  • Click Save.

And you’re all settled!

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