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Ads Manager - Creative Set Overview

How to create a creative set

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There are two ways your ad is featured on Apple Search Ads

  1. Default text ads

  2. Default image ads

As seen in the examples above, second and third versions of your ads are related to screenshots that are used in your store listing page.

Default image ads are the first image or first three images in your store listing. According to your call-to-action or messaging you have in these screenshots, your performance on TTR and CR can vary.

In order to increase your performance (for example getting lower CPT’s), using new creative sets is one of the most powerful playgrounds that might create a big impact on Apple Search Ads.

Creative Sets Layer on Apple Search Ads will help you analyze which one is performing better.

You can easily check out which creative set is performing better for a specific ad group by applying an Ad Group filter in Creative Sets level.

How to Create a Creative Set?

First you go to Plus (+) sign just next to Actions.

Select which ad group you want to create creative set for.

Name your creative set, choose a localized version so that you can see related assets below, and choose which creatives you want to use in this creative set.

And click the button Create Creative Set

Congrats! Now, you have your own creative set!

Once you are done, Apple’s algorithm will feature this new creative set along with the default images.

In this menu, you will be able to compare the performances of those two.

If you have better performance with your new creative set, you can easily duplicate this creative set as shown below;

Click Duplicate Creative Set, then again choose the ad groups that you want to apply to and easily implement it to your other ad elements (you can choose more than one ad group).

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