Welcome to the SearchAds.com platform! Let’s have an overview to give you a quick insight into the sections and layers.

Let’s start with the column on the left. Right under your profile picture, you have quick access to the Settings, Request Demo, and Contact Support respectively.

Settings is where you can find the details of your account.

Request Demo will enable you to schedule a demo for guidance.

Contact Support you will receive fast help from our customer support team.

Ads Manager

Here you have the data and the management ability.

Ads Manager is constituted in three sections:

  • The chart enables to see 2D metrics of the Apple Search Ads activities.

  • Total summary is the snapshot of your data.

  • Cohort analysis is the section where you can get action and analyze your data.

For detailed explanation, please find our post on Ads Manager Overview and Ads Manager Layer Overview.

Keyword Planner

In this section you can find;

  • Keyword Auction Insights which will allow you to spy on your Apple Search Ads competitors’ keywords and predict their strategies.

  • Organic Keyword Hunt which will allow you to search for any app and see their organic keywords.

For more detailed explanation please see our post on Keyword Planner Overview.


Here you can create automation rules that will reduce your manual work remarkably. Our automation rules are flexibly customizable.

You can tailor the rules in detail to serve for your campaign in the most effective way. Please read the article that automation rules are explained step by step.

Mobile Measurement Partner


You can easily integrate MMP data into SearchAds.com platform.

SearchAds.com is partners with AppsFlyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, Singular.

If you are using your own internal attribution solution to track your users we can also establish a custom integration to your solution. This way, you can see your attribution data within SearchAds.com to optimize your campaigns.

For more information on MMP Integrations and questions please check our Partner Integrations help page.


You can see the Goals button on a few layers on the Ads Manager section.

You can create a custom goal for your app/s.

  • Select your app

  • Choose the in-app events you configured with the Mobile Measurement Partner

  • Name your goal. There you go!

For more detail on goal creation, please check our post on How can I create Goals?



In this page, you will integrate your Apple Search Ads API certificate into SearchAds.com to generate the details of your account/s.

For more information please check our posts on Apple Search Ads Integration

Setup Completeness

Here, you can find a checklist that poses as guidance for you to complete your SearchAds.com setup step by step.

You can simply follow and complete them to track your integration progress. You can see the percentage of your progress at all times down at the left corner.

Now you’re all settled!

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