Once your integration with the MMP is successfully complete, you will be able to create your goal/s.

PS: Please check our step by step MMP Partner Integrations posts for detailed explanation.

You are able to create Goals in both Attribution and Goals pages.

In the Attribution page, after the successful integration of your MMP, you can create your first goal by clicking on the Create First Goal.

Or, in the Goal page, you can create your goals by clicking on the Create Goal button at the top left hand side of the page.

After the creation of the goals, you’re now able to track the performance of your campaigns in the Ads Manager page.

From the App level to Keyword level, the Goal button is available at all times. You can track your goals in those layers by clicking on the Goal button at the left hand side.

Or you can simply click on the Green symbol metric in the Cohort Analysis section in Ads Manager page.

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