Our charts are visible to our users on all levels on the Ads Manager page. Regardless of where you are on the dashboard you will always be able to view the selected values in the charts for the below levels;




Ad Groups


Search Terms

Creative Sets

PS: Please note that the selected date on the right corner and any filters you have applied will affect the values on the chart.

You can display the values you would like to compare by selecting two metrics from the drop down menu. All of the metrics listed on the chart menu are values visible on the table columns.

You can also select granularity by daily, weekly or monthly. Please note that the selected granularity will be available in accordance with the time frame you have chosen on the right corner.

PS: If you have chosen a period of time smaller than the granularity, the data shown will not be displayed in the granularity you have selected. Ex: If you chose 7 days data, but selected monthly granularity, the data shown will not be monthly but only 7 days.

You can also select the way you want to visualize your data depending on your needs with;

  • Line Chart

  • Area Chart

  • Column Chart

If you have identified goals to your account, you will also be able to display them on the chart view. All you need to do is, choose your goal from the left side of the chart.

(You might find our article on How can I create Goals? useful to set up your Goals)

Select the goal you would like to display and apply. Please note that you can only display one goal at a time for the chart view.

Once you have selected the goal, any goal related metric will be displayed on your drop down menu, from which you can choose to display on the chart view. For example, in the case below the user wanted to see the performance of “Purchase” goal.

And there you have it!

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