If you would like to upload your previous/historical data from your Attribution Tool into SearchAds.com account, you will need to;

1 - Contact your Account Manager from the MMP

2 - Collect raw data reports (Request Install & In App Event Report)

3 - Make sure the reports are in UTC format.

4 - Be sure to check if the reports have the install time column included in the report

5 - Send us the CSV files

Please see below informations on some of the MMP’s regarding their support on previous/historical data reports;

  1. AppsFlyer- Please find details here; https://support.appsflyer.com/hc/en-us/articles/209680773-Export-Data-Reports#raw-data-reports

If you do not have access to AppsFlyer raw data reports, please contact AppsFlyer support at [email protected]

PS: For AppsFlyer please make sure to apply Apple Search Ads media source filter.

2. Branch - please contact Branch support to help you.

3. Adjust - please contact Adjust support to help you.

5. Kochava- please contact Kochava support to help you.

6. Singular please contact Singular support to help you.

Please note that MMPs usually store only 1-2 weeks of information and provide help to get this data.

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